cup with colored pencils, book with at clock on top, and a blue painted get involved sign class=We encourage students to participate in clubs and activities beyond the normal school day; doing so allows youth to interact with their peers and adults outside of their regular classroom environment, pursue individual interests, and develop new skills. We offer clubs of common interest as well as nationally recognized clubs that offer graduation honors.

  • Link Crew
    Sponsor: Becky Smith
    Leadership club that mentors incoming freshmen and seventh graders. Club will also mentor struggling seventh and eighth graders.
  • Art Club
    Sponsor: Julie Fernandez
    Completing art for community projects, service, personal development and enrichment, and community connection through the arts.
  • AVID
    Sponsors: John Roberts/Amanda Deodutt
    Extension of AVID elective to facilitate fundraising, field trips, and after-school activities; to enrich the studies of the AVID class by college and career exploration.
  • Baseball Club
    Sponsor: Greg Bordes
    To raise funds and purchase items to support the Crismon Baseball Team
  • Medical Assisting HOSA
    Sponsor: Derrick Sainz
    To serve the needs of its members and strengthen the Arizona HOSA partnership by preparing its students for state competition.
    Sponsors: Jake Allen, Andrea Pettit
    To build a positive school culture and provide opportunities to engage students in their school.
  • Rock Band Club
    Sponsor: Scott Lloyd
    Creating rock bands for performance and to practice music together.
  • Health Occupations CTSO
    Sponsor: Dayne Tierney
    To compete with other schools both locally and nationally using skills learned in CTE classes, one must be interested in a health career.