cup with colored pencils, book with at clock on top, and a blue painted get involved sign class=We encourage students to participate in clubs and activities beyond the normal school day; doing so allows youth to interact with their peers and adults outside of their regular classroom environment, pursue individual interests, and develop new skills. We offer clubs of common interest as well as nationally recognized clubs that offer graduation honors.

  • Art Club
    Sponsor: Julie Fernandez
    Completing art for community projects, service, personal development and enrichment, and community connection through the arts.
  • AVID
    Sponsors: John Roberts and Amanda Deodutt
    Extension of AVID elective to facilitate fundraising, field trips, and after-school activities; to enrich the studies of the AVID class by college and career exploration.
  • Best Buddies Club
    Sponsor: Charise DeGregorio
    Best Buddies builds friendships between people with and without an IDD (intellectual disability) offering social mentoring and inclusion.
  • Charity Club
    Sponsor: Jessica Golightly
    The purpose is to help serve the community and educate students about ways they can help do good in the world.
  • Debate Team - High School Students Only
    Sponsors: Rebecca Sloat and Zack Bailey
    To increase public speaking and critical thinking skills through having structured debates regarding a variety of topics.
  • Digital Media Film and TV
    Sponsor: Jonathan Laureta
    To educate and advance technical skills within film and TV, photography, and other media platforms.
  • E-Sports Club
    Sponsor: Brendon Wait
    Team collaboration and friendly competition while practicing games for e-sport competitions.
  • FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)
    Sponsor: Tamara Tapia
    The purpose of FBLA is to provide, as an integral part of the instructional program for secondary students in business and/or business-related fields, to develop career-supportive competencies and to promote civic personal responsibilities.
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
    Sponsor: George Luke Delong
    The primary purpose of FCA is to connect athletes and students through food, fellowship, and fun. Students will connect in fellowship while hearing the testimonies of individuals from all walks of life.
  • Future Health Professions Junior High HOSA
    Sponsor: Derrick Sainz
    The primary purpose of Crismon Junior High HOSA is to teach and serve the needs of high school members and strengthen the national HOSA.
  • HOSA - Nursing Services
    Sponsor: Tarra Chownyk
    Advance student's interest in health occupations and nursing. Utilize skills learned to compete against other peers with like interests.
  • HOSA - Sports Medicine
    Sponsors: Kelley Bowen and Dayna Tierney
    The primary purpose of Crismon High School Sports Medicine HOSA is to serve the needs of its members and strengthen the Arizona HOSA partnership by preparing its students for state competitions.
  • Link Crew
    Sponsor: Becky Smith
    Leadership club that mentors incoming freshmen and seventh graders. Club will also mentor struggling seventh and eighth graders.
  • LOL
    Sponsor: Luke Delong
    Promotes student leadership for those students who we recognize have potential as leaders on campus but are not currently in an active leadership role (STUCO, Link Crew, NHS, NJHS, etc.).
  • Medical Assisting HOSA
    Sponsor: Derrick Sainz
    To serve the needs of its members and strengthen the Arizona HOSA partnership by preparing its students for state competition.
  • NHS
    Sponsors: Kendra Woodward and Claudia Moreno
    Enthusiasm for scholarship, desire to serve the community, promote leadership, and develop character.
  • NJHS
    Sponsor: Charise DeGregorio
    To create enthusiasm for student learning, stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership, develop character, and encourage excellent leadership.
  • Pickleball Club
    Sponsor: Tana Martin
    Play pickleball, have fun, and improve health.
  • Skills USA - Engineering
    Sponsor: Jordan Snell
    To create an inclusive environment for students interested in robotics and engineering.
  • Skills USA - Robotics
    Sponsor: Jordan Snell
    To create an inclusive environment for students interested in robotics and engineering.
  • Spanish Club - High School
    Sponsor: Claudia Moreno
    Experience the Spanish language and culture by attending cultural events, and traveling to exciting locations, crafts, and food.
  • Spanish Club - Junior High
    Sponsor: Kade MacNeille
    Experience the Spanish language and its cultures more fully via food, crafts, and cultural events.
    Sponsors: Jake Allen and Andrea Pettit
    To build a positive school culture and provide opportunities to engage students in their school.
  • Waffle Club
    Sponsor: Kahoano Wong
    The creation and distribution of waffles to club members.